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What is the best lighting equipment for video at COLBOR?

Whether you're shooting simple TikToks or full-length videos, using light efficiently will make a big difference. By balancing exposure levels in a picture, proper lighting helps you preserve more shadow and highlight detail. Therefore, in our guide to the best lighting equipment for video, we've made an effort to choose reasonably priced but functional gadgets that practically any videographer, whether a seasoned expert or a complete beginner, can use.

    COLBOR CL60 - Best lighting equipment for film that supports various power supply

    COLBOR CL60 video studio lighting equipment comes with Bowen-mount adapter and standard reflector.


    • Beam angle: ≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠15°
    • Illumination: 2888Lux (at 1m 6500K, No Reflector); 20240Lux (at 1m 6500K, With Reflector)
    • Color temperature: 2700K-6500K(±200)
    • CRI: 97+

    Reasons to buy

    • Cube matrix design for higher output
    • Support mobile power supply
    • Compatible with Bowens-mount modifiers

    Reasons to avoid

    • Not so affordable since additional CL60 is needed for higher power

    Pros: Cube matrix design and portable power solution ensure flexible and high quality lighting

    The video studio lighting equipment COLBOR CL60 packs 60W COB LED beads to provide video lighting of reliable quality and remarkable brightness, featuring 2700-6500K color temperature and 97+ CRI.

    The COLBOR PowerCube enables you to transform the lightweight CL60 into a powerful light by simply sliding them together, generating up to 650W of power. The CL60 is compatible with a broad range of Bowens-mount light modifiers. If you have adaptable equipment for multi-scene filming, you can quickly move between harsh and soft lighting.

    It accepts a variety of power supplies. The included PD adapter help run the light in interior video shooting. PD power banks, V Mount batteries or NP-F batteries makes it the lighting equipment for outdoor video.

    Check the video to see how COLBOR CL60 performs in filmmaking.

    Cons: More than one CL60 is required to form PowerCube if higher power is needed

    Although the cube matrix design allows you to arrange the lighting setup and output power flexibly, it means spending more money buying more than one CL60. If you need various power output in your video studio, it can be cost-effective. If your videography required power above 80W in most cases, then you are advised to consider other models in our list for the sake of price.

    COLBOR CL100-M - Best lighting equipment for video shoot that requires daylight balanced lighting

    COLBOR CL100-M best lighting equipment for video shoot features fin and groove structure.


    • Beam angle: ≈∠120°(With Standard Reflector 55°)
    • Illumination: 4130Lux (at 3.28ft/1m 5600K, None Reflector); 14546Lux (at 3.28ft/1m 5600K, With Standard Reflector)
    • Color temperature: 5600K
    • CRI: ≥97

    Reasons to buy

    • Creative and portable power solution
    • Strobe free lighting
    • Intelligent temperature control

    Reasons to avoid

    • Single color temperature

    Pros: Portable power solution, strobe free lighting, and intelligent temperature control

    The COLBOR CL100-M best lighting equipment for video is multi-function and provides daylight lighting that looks natural with its 97+ CRI and 5600K color temperature. High-quality LED beads are packed inside to give lifelike and balanced daylight without strobes, making it an excellent choice for 240FPS high-speed shooting, slow-motion capturing, and time-lapse filming.

    To eliminate the need for a cumbersome power converter and the limitations of DC power for outdoor filmmaking, COLBOR develops JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology. It delivers the necessary drive voltage for the CL100-M using a portable V-Lock battery and a COLBOR VBS small battery plate.

    Several sensors work to monitor the working temperature and the CL100-M will adjust the air moving to decrease the temperature accordingly. The mechanical noise produced by the light cooling fan in Smart mode is around 25dB. When Quiet mode is enabled, the number drops to around 10dB.

    Cons: Mono color temperature limits the applications in various shooting scenarios

    This video recording lighting equipment is adjustable at brightness while the color temperature is fixed at 5600K. Therefore, it is suitable for video creators who are keen on daylight shooting scenes. For those who have to adjust the color temperature to fit different filming requirements, the bi-color version COLBOR CL100 with a color temperature of 2700-6500K is a good choice.

    COLBOR PL8R - Best lighting equipment for video for beginners who demand flexible color adjustment


    COLBOR PL8R video lighting equipment for beginners is constructed with RGB LED beads.



    • Color temperature: 2500-9000K
    • CRI: ≥98

    Reasons to buy

    • Can work as power bank
    • Completely adjustable color hue, saturation, and brightness
    • 13 lighting modes

    Reasons to avoid

    • Not suitable for lighting large scenes

    Pros: Large capacity of battery, completely adjustable color, and preset lighting effects

    The COLBOR PL8R is a portable video lighting equipment that can simply mount to the camera cold shoe via the cold shoe accessory, to a light stand or tripod by 1/4’’ screw holes, or attach to the smartphone and metal materials alike with the magnetic back.

    The large capacity of the 5000mAh battery not only enables two hours of operation at 100% brightness, but it also serves as a power bank for charging mobile devices. The Type-A DC Output port is intended for charging the recording phone, allowing for continuous shooting.

    The best lighting equipment for youtube video PL8R has entirely changeable color hue, saturation, and brightness and offers you flexible and complete control over video lighting. It features 13 preset lighting modes and more than 37 effects, saving the time for beginners to set up the target mood.

    Cons: Really compact size and low power output limit its uses in large scenes

    The PL8R is in the size of 125x75x17mm and features an output of 8W. It can work as key light when placed close to the subjects or function as fill or back lights that have a low requirement of intensity.

    COLBOR PL5 - Best budget lighting equipment for video to offer portable lighting solution


    COLBOR PL5 best budget lighting equipment for video is compact and light with dials for lighting control.



    • Illumination: 1500Lux (at 30cm 6500K)
    • Color temperature: 2700K-6500K (±100K)
    • CRI: ≥95

    Reasons to buy

    • Wide compatibility
    • Clear display screen
    • Compact and light

    Reasons to avoid

    • 5W output is low

    Pros: Wide compatibility, clear display screen, and compact size make everything simple for video creators

    If you are tight in budget, the LED video lighting equipment COLBOR PL5 is ideal for you. Like the PL8R, it is also built with 1/4’’ screw holes and magnetic back to achieve wide range compatibility with cameras, tripods, smartphones, etc. And two extension wings ensure stable hanging on your phones.

    The display screen, which displays the battery status, brightness, current color temperature, and other information, allows you to monitor the settings and make adjustments accordingly. It is card-sized, measuring 110x65x15mm and weighing 110g. It does, however, have a better illumination of 1500Lux (at 30cm 6500K) than many of its size, and its CRI of 95+ adds to the faithful restoration of target color.

    Cons: 5W power output is low for large-scene lighting

    With a power output of 5W and illumination of 1500Lux at 30cm at 6500K color temperature, the PL5 can work well when it is close to the subject. If you want to light up the scene from a distance, the PL5 can not be the best lighting equipment for video.

    How to get the best lighting for videos?

    To light any sort of scenario in your videos, follow these tips to set up video lighting equipment:

    Take a look around

    Look around the area where you'll shoot videos. What is the number of windows? Are there any curtains, shades, or other light-blocking panels on them? Will the natural light affect your videos? Then, use the best way to set up lighting for video that can solve the issues your discover.

    Consider the brightness and shadows

    Hard light is often bright and concentrated, casting sharp shadows and emphasizing a particular area in a photograph. The line between the light from the shadows is particularly sharp and distinct in strong lighting. The silhouette of your subject will produce a definite, hard shadow when they are under hard light. If you want to give your subjects the appearance of strength and seriousness or give specific scenes in drama, action, and film noir films a gritty, hard-edged feel, hard light is a good choice.

    Soft lighting is bright and balanced and casts few strong shadows. The transition between the light and the shadows is more gradual and smoother. It is usually used for photography shooting with regard to portraits, fashion, travel, and food.

    Place your lights in the proper location

    What is the best lighting for videography? To create high-quality illumination, the majority of video lighting professionals make use of three point lighting, which includes:

    • Key light: It is placed in front of the camera and to the right. It is the brightest one in this setup.
    • Fill light: Place it in front of the camera and to the left. Its brightness is often half that of the key light.
    • Backlight: Just make it behind the camera and position it on the right of where the camera points.

    Understand color temperature

    The best lighting equipment for video features different color temperatures to help set up the mood of the scene. Warm lighting is usually pale yellow in color and has a color temperature below 4000K, which creates a serene atmosphere. For lighting similar to the midday sun, choose cooler lighting with temperatures above 4000K.

    Fight glare

    Glare is mostly an issue when recording someone who is wearing glasses. To counter it, move your fill and key lights farther away from the camera. You can also raise your light stands, which will allow your lights to illuminate your shooting location from a higher point.