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Product review of COLBOR CL60R LED light for YouTube

The COLBOR CL60R is an LED light for YouTube that offers constant 65W power output. It adopts RGBWW LED beads to offer 3,600,000 changeable colors. It is also adjustable at color temperature and brightness, offering more flexibility to YouTube video lighting. The preset lighting modes, quiet cooling fan, and physical & wireless control make it a good choice for YouTube video recording. To get you further know about the CL60R, YouTuber David Zhou has made a review video.

What is COLBOR CL60R LED light for YouTube?

The COLBOR CL60R is an RGB LED light at constant 65W power output. It packs RGBWW beads, which stand for Red, Green, Blue, Cool White, and Warm White, to offer full colors. Both the saturation and hue ratings are adjustable, offering 3,600,000 colors under HSI mode. You can select the target color by using the onboard control interface or using the COLBOR Studio App.

What benefits does CL60R LED light bring to YouTube videos?

Like any other LED video light, the CL60R is adjustable at color temperatures, features high CRI, and produces less heat in long-time recording. Read on to see how David Zhou thinks about its benefits in YouTube videos.

It makes YouTube video recording portable and flexible

COLBOR CL60R is an LED light for youtube videos that comes in a palm size.

The CL60R is made of Aluminum Alloy and ABS material and weighs only 600g. “The CL60R is compact like barely larger than a can of soda”. There are rails and grooves on the four sides of it for smart attachment. On the back is the control interface, including an LCD screen, four physical buttons, and two control rockers. it also has a USBC Port that can be powered via the provided AC adapter, V-mount or NP-F batteries, and PD power bank. There is a Bowens-mount adapter in the package so you can use most of the standard modifiers on the market to shape, diffuse, or direct the lighting.

It can reproduce the colors of the subject and scene naturally in YouTube filming 

Color temperature: The CL60R LED light for YouTube video features adjustable color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. You can go for cold or warm light to match the ambient light, create the mood, or express some messages.

Full colors: The RGBWW LEDs ensure adjustable saturation and hue ratings, thus offering 3,600,000 colors for video recording. If you're finding that the light is giving you a bit of a magenta or green tint you can even compensate for that directly on the light.

CRI: The color rendering index is 97+, which means it can reproduce colors accurately.

Illumination: when used with the supplied reflector, its Lux output at one meter is around 23,000 Lux at 5600K color temperature.

It is simple to operate and creates low fan noises in video recording

The CL60R adopts Hummingbird-Intelligence Cooling System to adjust the fixture temperature to a proper level. When it is set on the Quiet mode, the fan noises are lower than 20dB, which won’t be noticed. When it is under Smart mode, however, the fan noises will be a bit higher, according to David Zhou, but it still won’t be captured in the video. This ensures no distracting noises in the background to make your videos unprofessional.

It is also simple to use the CL60R LED light for YouTube. You can adjust the setting via the onboard buttons or controlling app. The wireless app control plays a big role when the CL60R light is hard to reach. In addition, it comes with 13 preset lighting modes to simulate common scenarios conveniently. This saves you time in fine-tuning the setting during filming and adding effects in post-production.

Set up COLBOR CL60R and CL330 LED lights for YouTube

Video tutorial: How to use a CL330 and 3 CL60R LED lights to set up 4-point lighting for YouTube videos?

In this video, YouTuber David Zhou uses one CL330 light and three CL60R LED lights for YouTube to achieve a 4-point setup. He also makes use of the color-changing function of CL60R to create cinematic lighting. Check the video and read on to see how he step by step completed the setup.

Key light: Place CL330 off 45° to one side to illuminate the subject

This is the primary light to illuminate your subject. It is the most bright in this setup. According to your needs, you can place it on either side of the subject and angle it above or below. Pay attention that the more side the light is on, the more dramatic the shadows are. If you bring it to the front or make the source of the light bigger, you're going to start getting a softer-looking image. In this setup, David Zhou set it off 45 degrees to one side.

Fill light: Position CL60R on opposite side to fill in harsh shadows

A fill light does well exactly what it sounds like. It fills in the shadows and is typically placed opposite where your key light is. Therefore, David Zhou placed it on the opposite side, 45 degrees away from him, and a little bit higher up and pointing down. Then you need to set it at lower brightness since you just want to fill in the shadows but not to create a high contrast image. And make sure that they are at the same color temperature. If you are looking for natural colors, a daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature is a good choice.

Rim light: Outline the subject with CL60R LED light for YouTube

Also known as hair light or backlight, it is used to separate your subject from the background especially when they are in dark hair or dark clothing and the background is dark without proper illumination. It adds a splash of light to outline you.

Background light: Use CL60R to light up background for 3D effects in YouTube videos

A background light is used to illuminate the background area of a set. It will also provide separation between the subject and the background. You can decide the brightness as you like. Making the background just a little bit darker than your foreground helps create 3D effect.